How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

One the fishing season ends, all the fishing gears usually end up in the storage and will be retrieved until the next fishing season starts. Like when I was just a novice fisherman, I often wonder about how long does fishing line last?

It is important that you have a reliable gear including an excellent fishing line if you want to have a successful fishing expedition. For me, knowing my fishing line’s lifespan is important especially before embarking on a new fishing trip

In this article, I will help you find the answer to the intriguing question of how long does fishing line last. Additionally, I will let you in on a few important care tips for your fishing gear

How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

To answer that intriguing question, like everything else, fishing lines are not made to last forever. However, knowing how long it will exactly last is unpredictable. The reason for this is that fishing lines do not really have an expiration date

Be that as it may, like what I mentioned, not having an expiration date does not mean it can last a lifetime. Eventually, fishing lines will deteriorate over time and will not be as effective, especially when it is not properly maintained

Types of Fishing Lines and Their Expected Lifespan

To go a little bit further, here are the types of fishing lines and their expected lifespan


A monofilament fishing line is known to be very light and consists of a single strand of synthetic fiber. One feature of the monofilament I personally like is that because it is very light, I can easily throw it and it sinks in the water effortlessly too

Another thing I like about it is that it is elastic and does not break easily even under a massive weight of a big catch. This is also something that I see as the mono’s weakness. Since it is highly elastic, the constant pulling can compromise its integrity

As a result, the mono is recommended to be replaced on a yearly basis. Additionally, a monofilament fishing line is also highly sensitive to UV light and heat

To have an idea of how monofilaments are made, watch this video 


The fluorocarbon is also a single strand fishing line just like the monofilament. However, the material used for the fluorocarbon is polyvinylidene fluoride. It is known for its buoyancy

I like fluorocarbons because of its ability to sink faster. Compared to the monofilament, fluorocarbons also have the tendency to appear almost invisible on water. This result in an increased chance of catching more fish

Unlike the monofilament that is highly sensitive to UV rays, fluorocarbons are actually not. It also has a lifespan which is a bit longer than the monofilament. Under proper care and maintenance, you can keep them for around 2 years


There is also the braided fishing line. Unlike the monofilament and the fluorocarbon, the braided fishing line is made up of several strands of fiber that are woven together. As a result, the braided fishing line has more strength compared to the first two

I also like the braided fishing line because of its ability to carry more weight than that of the monofilament and fluorocarbon without much stretching. This means it is perfect for baiting a bigger fish

The only disadvantage I see when I use the braided fishing line is that it is very visible under water. Other than that, it can be an ideal fishing line. This is also the same when it comes to its lifespan

Compared to the monofilament that you need to replace yearly and the fluorocarbon that can last a little over a year up to 2 years, the braided fishing line can last longer. This is because it is not affected by UV rays that much and also it is not too elastic to the point of losing its integrity over time

Watch this short clip to see how braided fishing line is made

Fishing Line Care Tips

As promised, I have gathered some of my personal fishing line care tips so I can share it with you. Always keep in mind that it is important to regularly check and keep your fishing gear well cared for at all times

Proper Storage

As a part of proper storage for my fishing lines is having the appropriate storage area. Fishing lines will deteriorate faster when exposed to heat and UV light. This especially applies to monofilament fishing lines. It is best to keep fishing lines in a cool and dark storage area

Correct Set up of the Fishing Pole

There are times that I also make mistakes, despite my years of experience in fishing. An incorrect set up of the fishing pole is one of the most common mistakes any fisherman can have

Mistakes like a guide that is missing or stringing the line between the fishing pole and the guide through a small gap. As a result of these mistakes, the fishing line rubs up against rough edges that cause damage

Proper Removal

There are times when I like to change from my braided fishing line to my monofilament one. The proper technique I have learned is to remove the existing line and put it on a spool. Afterwhich, I then store it on a dark, cool area

TIPThis technique can only be applied on a braided fishing line


Respooling is another technique you can do with braided fishing lines. What I do is to simply cut off the lure and tie the end into the new reel. I then start to spool my reel. In doing this, I will have the old line at the bottom and the fresh line at top of the reel

Regular Fishing Line Checks

This step in my personal opinion is the most important and should not be taken lightly. I make it a point that after every catch, I check my fishing line for any imperfections and damage. It is a tedious task, but it is of absolute importance

Doing this maintenance tip will not only help to keep your fishing lines longer, but it also ensures that your fishing line is at its tip top shape to bait your next catch


How Long Does Fishing Line Last

In summary, fishing lines to do not have an expiration date, however, like any other material, its condition deteriorates over time. Among the 3 types of fishing lines, the monofilament has the shortest lifespan. This is followed by the fluorocarbon which can last a little longer than the monofilament

Finally, the one with the longest lifespan that can last several fishing seasons is the braided fishing line. However, you must also keep in mind that proper maintenance plays a big part in making them last longer

Was this article able to answer the question of how long does fishing line last? Were you able to pick up some useful information about the types of fishing lines and how to take care of them?

Do you have other ideas that might be related to this topic? Feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions by leaving your comment below

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