How to Shoot a Bow – Hit Your Target Much Easier

How to Shoot a Bow – Hit Your Target Much Easier

Archery can be a bit complex at first glance but this tutorial will walk you through the process of how to shoot a bow. For the longest time, shooting a bow and arrow has been a symbol of tension. That said, an arrow and a bow has actually been used in wars and battles. Due to this, it has also been a very big symbol of masculinity

For this very reason, shooting a bow has become a favorite outdoor pastime of many people, both men and women, alike. Nowadays, there are lots of modern technological advancements that can help you have excellent aims. These tools can help you hit your target much easier

However, in the earliest times, people didn’t have the luxury of having these tools and devices. As such, they have developed their skills with the help of constant practice and getting in tuned with their instincts

For most, getting an excellent aim took years and years of practice which involve several trial and errors. In this article, I will be taking you through a tutorial that will guide you on how to shoot a bow without help of any tech. Good luck!

What You Need

In this tutorial, you will only be needing two materials

Archery target
  • Arrow and bow - First thing you will need is of course, your arrow and bow. There are numerous options for you but I will recommend this one. It is made out of a durable and bamboo wood material which is incredibly great for practices. If you’re planning on archery themed type of date then this one’s also a great fit for you as it comes in a set of two bows. In addition, this set comes with 20 arrows and 2 quivers, as well
  • Archery target - The next and the last thing you will need for this tutorial is your target. Of course, without your target, you will not be able to practice your aim. As such, you will need a pretty good target board. If not an archery target board, you may also use target bags.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: Undertake the proper stance

Undertake the proper stance

The proper stance involves having to stand with your shoulders positioned at a right angle or 90 degree to your target. For the next step, you get to have two options. These options are either the squared stance or the open stance 

What I highly recommend for beginners would be the square stance. In this stance, both your feet are parallel to your shooting line. Why exactly do I suggest this kind of stance? This is because this stance gives you assurance that you are positioned in the similar way

So what is an open stance? This is the type of stance that I would recommend you to try after a few practices and exercises with the square stance. This involves you having your left or right lead foot to slightly point towards your target. Moreover, this open stance is also very much ideal for ground or floorings that are bumpy

Step Two: Nock your arrow

Nock your arrow

For the next step, it’s time to move on to nocking your arrow. But what is the nock? If you’re totally confused, the nock can be located at the end of the arrow. To do this, you must first put the shaft on the rest for the arrow of your bow. Next, check your bow string 

This must be equipped with at least one or 2 nock locators. This is because these locators will be the one to indicate where you are supposed to position your arrow. This also helps you be certain that you will be able to nock your arrow at the correct place for everytime you aim

Step Three: Grip.

Grip bow arrow

Next step is all about the grip. Now, a lot of beginners struggle with this step so listen carefully. If you’re not yet knowledgeable about the basics, let me give you a crash course. The bow is to be placed in your non-dominant hand. In my case, that is the left. The grip is to rest right on the pad of your thumb. If you happen to squeeze it too tightly, you will mess with your accuracy

Word of advice: check if your bow grip form a 45-degree to your knuckles or fingers. Lastly, when gripping think as if you are shaking the hand of someone important. Not too tight, not too soft; just enough

Step Four: Prepare to draw

Prepare to draw

There’s only one thing you need to keep in mind when doing this step: the right height. Lift up your arm and make sure that your arm is already at shoulder’s length

Step Five: After you have prepped, it is time to draw the bow

draw the bow

A common newbie mistake is to use the arms when drawing. However, time will always prove that this is not always efficient as this tires you out immediately. When this happens, you might not be able to draw back as far as you can 

So what’s the proper and most efficient way to do this? Well, you use your back muscles when drawing. But how does this exactly work? Close your eyes and then squeeze your shoulder blades together

Step Six: Anchor

anchor point

Another often asked question is how far do we pull back? Well, the answer is until your anchor point. Now, an anchor point is to be determined by you. You identify a reference point in your face such as your nose that will help you ensure that each time you draw, you do it the similar way. Make sure you reach your anchor point or ref point each time you do so

Step Seven: It’s time to aim

time to aim

This one’s all about the target. In this step, it’s time to aim at your target. It is very crucial that you do this calmly to prevent shaking. Just be calm

Step Eight: Release

How to Shoot a Bow

Personally, I find this part to be the most gratifying. This step also involves discipline as you will need to keep your entire body steady. But keep in mind that it does not just stop at your release, after you have done so, do not forget to pull back your hand as far as the bottom of the ears. This helps ensure that your bow will bend upwards a little

How to Grip the String

Grip the String

Truth be told, there are several but in this tutorial, I would like to talk about the best one for beginners: the Mediterranean one.

In this method, you will be using three of your fingers: the index, the middle, as well as the ring finger. These fingers will be used to pull back your string. The string should be positioned at the top of your fingers. Next, the nock has to be placed in the middle of your index and middle.

Lastly, I highly recommend you to wear some gloves for protection, especially for first-timers. Doing this step can certainly be painful at times

Final Thoughts

How to Shoot a Bow

Shooting an arrow certainly takes several practices and numerous trial and errors. But the key is persistence. Just remember 3 essential tips: first, assume a square stance if you are just starting out. Second, do not grip too hard as this can mess with your inaccuracy. Just grip enough. Shooting an arrow does not just involve release but also the follow-through. Make sure you do both steps as the finale. As you continue to persist, you will achieve progress. Remember, practice may not obtain perfection but it will always make progress

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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