What size battery for trolling motor? All you need to know

What size battery for trolling motor? All you need to know

Have you ever experienced being so ready one morning to go fishing with all your gear and equipment ready when all of a sudden, your trolling motor dies? Well, you’re not alone, buddy. Been there, done that. Fortunately, I have put up a guide that will allow you to maximize use of your trolling motor and ensuring you that you can always count on it. In this article, you’ll find out what size battery for trolling motor is perfect, including all other details such as type and maintenance

What size battery for trolling motor?

What size battery for trolling motor

If you regularly fish then chances are you already know that batteries of trolling motor are measured by pounds of thrust instead of horsepower. The conversion rate is that 72 to 75 pounds of thrust for trolling motor is equal to 765 watts of electrical power or one horsepower

I highly suggest that you go for every vessel or ship that amounts to around 200 pounds, you get a trolling motor that measures around 75 pounds of thrust. In addition, you should also take note of the top three most popular trolling battery size options. These sizes are 12V, 24V as well as 36V 

However, if your vessel is around 15 feet long, then I highly recommend you to upgrade from your 12V motor to a 24V one

What type of battery is most efficient for trolling motor?

Generally, there are only two types of battery that is recommended to be used for trolling batteries. It’s either you use the AGM Batteries or Lead Acid Wet Cell. Let’s first talk about the AGM Batteries

1. AGM Batteries

What size battery for trolling motor

Basically, AGM stands for absorbed glass matt. These types of batteries generally have a longer life cycle as opposed to the typical deep cycle batteries. In fact, AGM batteries can last up to three to four years. Meanwhile, other batteries can only last up until 2 years. However, one thing you should know is that AGM batteries are also more expensive 

So if you are on a not so expansive and wide budget, this might not be an excellent option for you. If you do have the budget, then this is what I would suggest. AGM Batteries are also entirely sealed and so it’s not just perfect in terms of longevity but also in terms of use and effectivity in water

2. Lead Acid Wet Cell

What size battery for trolling motor

Now, this type of battery is the most common one to be used. If you are just starting out then this is what I would recommend, most especially for those that are on a tight budget. As stated, they can last up to around one year or two, at the most 

However, there are downsides to using this type of battery. They are quite high maintenance as compared to the AGM Batteries. They are also most vulnerable to spillage or vibrating

Frequently Asked Questions - Trolling Battery

1. I’m really pressed for money! Can I just use my existing automobile battery?

There’s a reason why there is a battery that is specifically for marine use. This is because car batteries cannot handle the bouncing and rolling waves of the water. Marine batteries also allow you to just be out for a longer period of time

What size battery for trolling motor

2. How would I know if my battery change is time for a change?

It’s harder to pinpoint one exact answer that goes for every single trolling battery, most especially since all batteries are different from each other. However, if I will be making generalizations then I would say the following. First of all, to check, go start your motor right at this moment. If it’s taking a longer time than before to start, then that’s your first sign. If your battery also drains more quickly, then it means you need to recharge it more often. That is also a pretty good sign. 

What size battery for trolling motor

3. How do I maintain trolling batteries to prolong their life span?

There are many sure ways to take care of your trolling batteries so that you may lengthen their life spans. The very first tip I would suggest is for you to charge your battery immediately after you use it for fishing. It’s always a bad idea to leave your batteries drained or low in charge. Trust me, it will be harder for you to recharge it when you’re about to use it 

The next tip involves a little science. One thing you ought to know about marine batteries is that they are use two elements namely sulfur and lead. On its own and when combined, these elements can be bad for your health. That said, it is imperative that you always check out wet cell batteries if that is what you are using 

What size battery for trolling motor

You should also know that whenever you are using your batteries, sulfation can occur. Basically, when sulfation happens, it means the element of sulfur has built up. And whenever you’re using your batteries, sulfur can accumulate on the battery plates. Over time, this can decrease the efficiency of your battery’s performance

To maintain and take good care of these types of batteries, you are going to need those cleaning agents that are specifically made for these types of issues. However, given the dangerous nature of these elements, you are going to observe certain precautionary measures. You need to wear protective eyewears and clothes as well as gloves

Final Thoughts

What size battery for trolling motor

And there you have it, folks! For ships that measure and weigh around 200 pounds, 75 pounds of thrust is what I highly recommend. In addition to that, I also suggest that you use AGM Batteries especially since they are not high maintenance as opposed to the typical wet cell batteries that require you to be more watchful of issues like sulfur buildup

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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